Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Reunion of The Untouchables by Kurt Frenier

The Study Train: Volume 1 - Reunion of the UntouchablesName of book: Reunion of the Untouchables

Publisher: Eloquent books

Published: July 12th, 2010

Age group: 10-14

Number of Pages: 210


Five hundred years ago, Master Magician Mikhail Pilkington III created a magical flying train, the Study Train. His vision: to take average teenagers aboard, show them the world, and turn them into leaders. Ethan is invited on the train, escaping his miserable life in Switzerland, and soon discovers that the train is all but ordinary. It is filled with magic, secrets, people with interesting histories, and much more. Ethan's intrigue and hunger for knowledge and power catches the attention of a hidden, ancient alliance called the Untouchables. Soon, Ethan learns all their mysteries, powers and sorcery. He stands out from the rest of the students and is recognized as the long-awaited leader for the Untouchables. But his dark side - The Dark Fire Inside - grows and becomes much stronger than anyone thought it would. Ethan gets sucked into a web of conflicts and feuds while battling his own inner feelings. Will he go for power, or turn toward good?

I just recieved this e-book yesterday-and I'm already finished with it-which is amazing, considering how many books I have to complete reading before school starts. I have to say, The reunion of the untouchables is a wonderful book-with just maybe a few parts that I would like better if it was changed.

I liked Ethan and sympathized with him all the way. I thought it was great that he was accepted onto the studytrain. My only problem with him is: how could he have betrayed everyone on the studytrain like that-especially when they rescued him from his misery? I would have liked it much better if Ethan realized the flaws before the ending. I think Ethan was over-powerhungry-especially since he was just rescued from his personal home of a cell.

Alesia was nice, kind, and what I heard from Ethan-pretty. She was much more powerful than I perceived and is purely good and true. I didn't like it much that Alesia wasn't heard from almost halfway through the story, and then she appears again at the end-she should have been included in some parts of the story, atleast mentioned-she was the chosen one, after all. But otherwise, Alesia is my favorite character.

Lena...I can't say she's my favorite. As for the other minor characters...they're not my favorites either. But Parker is the one character that I completely despise-just waiting for the day that the leader of the untouchables would come, hmm?

But I fully enjoyed the story-just maybe at a little minor part here and there, you can see how rebellious Ethan is. Too rebellious-now if he wasn't accepted back, what would happen then?



Why?: The plot was good, but Ethan sounded like such a good character-until the middle and end. We need to know Ethan more in depth. Also, some things aren't exactly clear:how did they study, what did they study particularly? but otherwise, not bad.


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