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The Clique By Lisi Harrison

The Clique (The Clique, #1)
Name of Publisher: Poppy

Published: 2004

Age group: 12-14

Number of Pages: 220

Series: The Clique (#1)


Meet The Clique…

Massie Block: With her glossy brunette bob and laser-whitened smile, Massie is the uncontested ruler of The Clique and the rest of the social scene at Octavian Country Day School, an exclusive private girls’ school in Westchester County, New York. Massie knows you’d give anything to be just like her.

Dylan Marvil: Massie's second in command who divides her time between sucking up to Massie and sucking down Atkins Diet shakes.

Alicia Rivera: As sneaky as she is beautiful, Alicia floats easily under adult radar because she seems so "sweet." Would love to take Massie's throne one day. Just might do it.

Kristen Gregory: She's smart, hardworking, and will insult you to tears faster than you can say "my haircut isn't ugly!"

Enter Claire Lyons, the new girl from Florida in Keds and two-year-old Gap overalls, who is clearly not Clique material. Unfortunately, for her, Claire's family is staying in the guesthouse on Massie's family's huge estate while they look for a new home. Claire's future looks worse than a bad Prada knockoff. But with a little luck and a lot of scheming, Claire might just come up smelling like Chanel No. 19....

The Clique... the only thing harder than getting in is staying in.

I've heard alot about Lisi Harrison's #1 New York Bestselling series The Clique before. I've even seen some of my fellow classmates carrying the books and reading them. Every single girl who has read it has said that they loved it. And I am inclined to agree. First of all, the cover is somewhat vague, but it gives the book a mysterious touch. The small rectangular picture with plaid print surrounding it makes it sort of stylish, or Ah-dorable, as Massie would say.

But even the book. The moment you open the cover, you're sucked out of time and space and into this book. Most reviews I've seen says that, quote, "Massie Block is a girl you'll love to hate," quote end quote. But honestly, I don't think any of us will hate her...I think we'll wish we're her...with her undivided Clique of exclusive girls. A new school year starts off, and Massie just can't wait to kick it off with a day of beauty with her BFFLS. But the only thing that can mess it up is one of her Dad's oldest friends, who is called Jay Lyons.

Massie's mother refuses to let her go because Massie has a her parent's daughter, she has to be there at the welcoming brunch. As much as Massie begs, she can't. Then Claire Lyons, Jay's daughter, meets Massie. Massie's furious when Claire starts following around and rumors start ciriclinga round Massie-that she's accepted someone new. Massie, Kristen, Alicia and Dylan scheme viciously to get Claire off their tail. And they almost do...until the bidding event that Massie hosts every single year on her family's massive estate.

But Claire and Massie have a truce for a temporary moment...where Massie finally admits the truth about her actions and they become semi-friends. The Clique...the only thing harder then getting staying in. :)


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