Thursday, March 3, 2011

My Book's Inspiration-Aboutmeme

So many people have asked me where I've gotten the inspiration for my debut novel, The Eiffel Tower's Daughter, that I've decided to write a aboutmeme post about it.

Everything started off when I began fourth grade with my teacher, Mr.Hill. Within that year, I realized that I loved to write-poetry, that is. I had attempted to write short stories, but with no avail. They all turned into stories about fairies with severe allergic reactions to micah, and lands that no one had ever heard of with supremely odd names. Eventually, I gave up and wrote poetry about every subject possible. I tried almost every single type of way to write poetry-limericks, free-verse, rhyming, etc. But Mr. Hill continued to suggest that I should try writing an actual short story. And I am somewhat embarassed to admit that I did not listen very well. :) I knew I was horrible at it, so I continued to write my poetry and ignore his suggestions.

But in the summer of '09, I decided to actually try my hand at short stories after my mother bought me a book called the most fascinating places on earth by Donna E. Hicks from Barnes & Noble. I immediately flipped through the places, spellbound. But the Eiffel Tower particularly entranced me. I grabbed an index card and began writing a simple plot idea. Before I knew it, I had a few pages filled on my notebook, and I was finally on my way to my first story...ever.

I'm sure you probably didn't imagine my story to be this way. Maybe you thought my ideas came from a dream, where most authors gest their ideas. But I'm glad to share my story of success with you-and I wish all of you the best.

Bethany Huang


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