Friday, April 29, 2011

Charmed and Dangerous:The Rise of the Pretty Committee by Lisi Harrison

Author: Lisi Harrison

Series: The Clique (#1.5)

Pages: 160

Imprint: Poppy

Published: 10-27-09

Ages and Grades: 12-15 and 6-9th grade

Provider: Library

Summary (from goodreads)
Once upon a time, in Westchester and Orlando, there were four betas just waiting for their alpha. It took a miracle to bring the Pretty Committee together--or rather, a New Years Eve party. Because sometimes when you meet someone, it just cliques.

This special deluxe hardcover novella tells the outrageous story of how The Clique got together.


Charmed and Dangerous:The Rise of the Pretty Committee by Lisi Harrison is the prequel to The Clique, the first book of The Clique series. 

We all know Massie Block as the alpha-and I'm sure we always thought she was. fact, she was the beta at first. Massie's stuck in the Ahnabees as a beta even though she knows that she's meant to be an alpha. 

Alicia Rivera's ready for her turn in the spotlight while her alpha's away-but will she survive through a humiliating mess-up? Skye Hamilton's gone for winter vacation, and she's left to do what she's dreamed about all her life. Finally, Alicia's leading the BADS (Body Alive Dance Studio) dance troupe. 

Dylan Marvil loves being skinny-'cause she knows it. But when the ultimate betrayal is committed and Dylan finds out the absolute opposite of what she thought she was, she doesn't know if she'll ever recover from that humiliation again. Her sisters obsess over their weight 'cause they know that they're nawt skinny-but now it's Dylan who is taking their place in the spotlight of insecurity. 

Kristen Gregory-no words needed. Other than her needing to completely get a life other than being holed up and doing homework, there's nothing to say. 

Together these 4 will form a clique-one that will be unbreakable for all eternity. Friendship is tested, bonds break and form, and once more a new clique begins. Delightfully enjoyable and very quick to read, this book tells you every reason why everything and everyone acts the way that they do in the first book. 

Basically the only faults I found with this book is how wise and elderly they all seemed when they were only fourth graders-fourth graders! That was a real big shock to me, and I had to at least reread that line over several times. They seemed like they could be eighth graders at some points. Otherwise, this was a very wonderful book. Enjoy! 




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